Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum - pronounced zanthan gum - is a type of starch produced by fermentation (the same process used to make yoghurt, cheese and wine). It has the very special characteristic of being stretchy and so acts like gluten in providing structure in baking and making softer, less crumbly bread, pastry and cakes. It is widely used in foodstuffs and household goods e.g. toothpaste, sauces, mayonnaise and may appear in ingredients lists as Xanthan Gum or E415. It is a completely natural vegetarian product with no known health problems when used in the recommended amounts.

Xanthan Gum is a boon for baking with gluten-free mixes - it improves the texture and life of your baking. It can be used in many home-cooking recipes and in bread makers. Xanthan Gum, when added to gluten-free flour mixes, replaces the gluten 'stretch factor'. It works very like gluten; it replaces it and binds the baking together to give it a normal texture. This product is supplied in bulk 50kg only.

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