Sodium Erythorbate

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Sodium Erythorbate is used predominantly in the meat, poultry, and food and beverage industry. When used in processed meat such as hot dogs and beef sticks this compound reduces the rate at which nitrate reduces to nitric oxide, thus retaining the pink colouring. As an antioxidant and helps improve flavour stability similar to that of vitamin c. When Sodium erythorbate is used as a food and beverage ingredient, the E Number of Sodium erythorbate is E316. It is absolutely incorrect that Sodium erythorbate is made from ground worms as claimed by some. Sodium erythorbate is a chemical compound made from sugars such as beet and cane. It is thought that the genesis of the legend comes from the similarity of the chemical name to the phrase, earth or bait. Sodium Erythorbate has many uses.

Sodium erythorbate is supplied in bulk 25kg containers.

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