Sodium Benzoate

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Sodium Benzoate converts to benzoic acid when used in acidic mixtures. Benzoic acid has good anti-microbial features but does not dissolve well in water, whereas sodium benzoate dissolves very well in water.

Sodium Benzoate Uses

Sodium benzoate is used in acidic foods and products to control bacteria, mould, yeasts, and other microbes. Sodium benzoate interferes with their ability to make energy. Because Sodium Benzoate only converts to benzoic acid in acidic environments, it is not used for its anti-microbial action unless the pH is below about 3.6. In the food industry, it is used in items such as jams, salad dressing, juices, pickles, Indian food, Chinese food, soups and carbonated drinks. Sodium Benzoate is also used as a corrosion inhibitor in automotive anti-freeze products. Sodium Benzoate is a very cost-effective product.

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