Malic Acid

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Malic acid, an alpha-hydroxy organic acid, is sometimes referred to as a fruit acid. This is because malic acid is found in apples and other fruits. It is also found in plants and animals, including humans. In fact, malic acid, in the form of its anion malate, is a key intermediate in the major biochemical energy-producing cycle in cells known as the citric acid or Krebs cycle located in the cells' mitochondria.

Malic acid, also known as apple acid, hydroxybutanedioic acid and hydroxysuccinic acid, is a chiral molecule. The naturally occurring stereoisomer is the L-form. The L-form is also the biologically active one. There is some preliminary evidence that malic acid, in combination with magnesium, may be helpful for some with fibromyalgia. This is sold in bulk.

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