About Us

The Arndale Group consists of a number of different divisions across a wide range of industries, primarily focusing on engineering supplies, protective clothing, tools, abrasives, adhesives, sealants, adhesive tapes, sports supplements, fasteners and in more recent years food & beverage ingredients, nutritional ingredients and raw chemical ingredients.


Established in 1982 the Arndale Group has grown to be a well respected company in our industries. We hold large stocks at our 13,000 sq/ft UK warehouse all ready for a next working day delivery to UK customers.

Our Business Practices

The Arndale Group realises that the market place is a rapidly changing environment and that there is a need to ensure that todays business activities meet the needs of all stakeholders today, without compromising future objectives.

Our business practices, will always strive to achieve a balance between creating sustainable profit and caring for our customers and employees.

The Arndale Group takes a comprehensive approach to Sustainability and as such, it is our aspiration to deal with business partners that share our values and concerns. We are convinced that practice of these values to mutual benefit will contribute to the long term success of all stakeholders.

More specifically, the team focuses on the following key areas:

  • Customer Service

  • Legislation

  • Halal Requirements

  • Kosher Requirements

  • High Quality Products